Small Scale Gold & Silver Recovery Machine/Plant/Electrolysis

We make customized and affordable small scale gold and silver recovery machines also. You can easily recover gold from different types of gold plated scrap through our gold recovery plant and make a lot of money. Our machine works very fast and it processes 1000 kilos of gold plated material in a few hours only. If you try to recover the gold from 1000 kilos of scrap manually, it will take very long time. But our machine makes a short work of it. The recovery is hundred percent and the processing cost is very nominal. The purity of gold is 24 karat. Machines are electrically operated. It is not that all the gold is recovered from e-waste only. There are many other sources from which you can reclaim gold and make a lot of money. I am going to mention only some of them here. You will really first be amazed, and then start smiling to learn about them, because we all see most of these items in our day-to-day life. But we hardly think about their worth and to make a living out of them.

So here are some of the items- gold plated decoration items, gold plated watches, chains, wires, frames, pipes, door handles, boxes, pens, gents and ladies purses, bushes, bearings, goggle frames, photo and mirror frames, belts, sanitary wares, crockery, gold alloy catalyst (used in many industrial processes) and gold plated jewelry etc. The list is endless, but these examples should be enough. There are countless units in India, where artificial jewelry and different types of decoration pieces are gold plated. These gold plating units (especially artificial jewelry) are present almost in every city in the jewelry market. They have gold in their spent up solution. You can easily buy that solution from them and recover gold from it through our machine.

You can also easily get tonnes and tonnes of above mentioned gold plated materials in all the big cities and recover gold from them and make handsome profit. This gold plated scrap is easily available in huge quantity in the metal scrap market. You can set up a kind of small scale gold recovery unit and make lots of money by recovering gold from such gold plated scrap materials.

Our machine recovers gold from gold plated materials as well as from gold bearing spent up solutions.

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