How to recover silver from fixer/Silver Recovery from the fixer/Hypo/Bleach

Silver Recovery from fixer, Hypo and bleach, etc. is the subject about which I receive countless mails every month. Over the past six months, a lot of people have asked me to write something about the silver recovery from fixer etc.

Well the fact of the matter is that you can’t be a millionaire by doing this business. It is not as good a business as e-waste recycling. But you can certainly make a living out of it. You can do it in a 10 by 15 ft. room. And the best thing about this business is that it can be started with little investment. Twenty thousand rupees (USD300) is enough for it. And the equipments that you require for it are also very cheap. You hardly require rupees 3000/- for all the equipments, and that includes one small furnace also. The recovery cost is hardly one rupee per liter. We suggest very quick, safe and eco-friendly methods for it. Some dishonest people, who sell fixer, cheat their buyers also. They mix water with it. And that way, if a buyer buys it without testing, has a loss. So, the best thing would be to carry a silver testing kit with you before buying the fixer, hypo or bleach, etc. You can easily check per liter silver content through testing kit and quote the price, and save yourself from loss.

The silver that you get from fixer etc. is quite pure. It sells at a very good price. You can sell it just in any jewelry market. But it would be better if you would sell it in the main gold/silver market of the city, because you get the best price there. In Delhi we have Chandni Chowk and in Mumbai there is Zaveri Bazaar. You don’t have to worry, in every city there is a market for it where you can easily sell your silver. I have mentioned it in details, because a lot of people ask me where to sell their silver? Is it a legal trade? Do we require a license for it etc.? My answer is- it is a legal trade. There is nothing illegal about it.

Some people say the availability of the fixer is not so much now since so many modern digital machines have replaced the older ones. That is true to some extent, but not absolutely correct. In India we keep using the same model of machines for ages. So, you still have lots and lots of photo labs that use old machines. And, at most of the x-ray clinics they still do it manually. In lots of government hospitals, we still have older machines. So, in view of these facts, we can be sure that we can still get plenty of fixer. But hard work is a must, you know.

You may contact us for any query that you might have about silver recovery from the fixer. Our silver recovery methods are amazing. When you purchase the fixer, you don’t have to transport all the load to your place. You can just precipitate/remove silver from it in 15 minutes only. You can leave all the liquid there and take the silver dust with you in a small packet. Isn’t it wonderful?

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