Our Speciality

Urooj International is the only company in India that has the experience of thirty years of e-waste recycling and equips the learner with all the necessary knowledge required to run this business successfully.

Our marketing experts take you to different scrap markets, where we provide you the purchasing experience, without which one can never succeed in this business. You can’t just start this business by reading articles and reports about it on the net or by talking to some e-waste consultants. We train you how to purchase material at the right price at a time when there is so much competition. Our team of experts train you about the minutest details of e-waste recycling such as which chip and gold plated connectors manufacturing company used how much amount of precious metals in a particular year? How to identify that? What items you should process and what items you should not as a start-up company. People just make big claims on the net, but it is only at Urooj International that you learn how to choose a particular e-waste material for recycling and make fast money.

At Urooj International, you learn everything practically-recover precious metals from different types of materials such as bga, Plcc, Pqfp chips, all kinds of processors, gold plated connectors, gold and silver coated wires, Mlccs, gold plated PCBs, Hard drives, gold plated lenses, x-ray films, different solutions such as silver bearing fixer and gold and silver bearing catalysts etc.

Foreign Recycling Plants are very expensive. Everyone can’t afford them. We have expertise in bringing down the price of the plant drastically by having them fabricated in India.