How to recover silver from x-ray films

Silver extraction from x-rays is a big business these days. When we talk about How to recover silver from x-ray films, we should also know that silver recovery from photo films, fixer, and hypo solutions also fall in the same category, because when we go to purchase used x-ray films either from scrap dealers or x-ray clinics, government or private hospitals, etc.. We also get the other above-mentioned stuff from them. Silver extraction from x-ray films is much talked about thing, that’s why when it comes to starting a silver recovery business; we identify it with x-ray films scrap only.

Silver extraction from used x-ray film is a big and organized trade in India. Almost in every Indian city, you can find lots of people engaged in the business of silver recovery from x-rays. You will be amazed to know that in Delhi alone, there are around one thousand units of silver recovery from x-rays. The plus point of this business is that the washed x-ray sheets (after silver has been recovered from them) also have resale value since they find use in the ready-made shirt industry. Good condition, washed x-ray sheets can fetch you around Rs. 80/- per kilogram.

We get two types of x-ray scrap in India. One is, which is picked up by the rag pickers from the streets of residential areas and finally sold to plastic scrap dealers by them. And these plastic dealers from small and big towns send this x-ray scrap to the main wholesale plastic markets of big cities like Delhi. Mundka plastic scrap market is the wholesale x-ray market of Delhi, which is said to be the biggest plastic scrap market of Asia also. Here we have thousands of commission agents who sell the x-rays of their suppliers to the x-ray buyers in Delhi. And the other type of x-ray film scrap is which we get from x-ray clinics and hospitals. And, that type of x-ray films are called fresh x-rays (in the scrap language in India) this quality sells at a higher price than the one picked up by the rag pickers because its sheets also sell at a higher price and it yields more silver than the other quality.

Now, comes the main question about how to recover silver from x-ray films? The answer is that first I would like to tell you how much silver we get from one kilogram of x-rays which is a very important aspect of this business, then I will tell you about the silver extraction method from x-rays. The quality of x-rays that we get from plastic dealers (or second x-ray we call it in the local scrap language) yields about 3 grams of silver per kilogram. And the fresh x-ray yields 5 to 7 grams of silver per kilogram. The yield may be even more. It depends on certain factors.

As for silver extraction methods from x-rays, many methods can be used to extract silver from them. But Indian silver recovery units from x-rays use only one traditional method. And that is that they prepare a hot bath and immerse x-rays in it for about twelve hours, and then wash them. But in my opinion, this method is very time-consuming and creates pollution also. Instead of putting them in a hot bath for such long hours, they can be treated with some other chemicals to remove silver from them. And this could be even less time consuming and more economical in comparison to the traditional method used by these units.

Those who are interested to start this profitable business may contact us for very easy silver recovery methods from x-rays.