How to recover gold from computer parts

Now a day’s net is full of websites where a lot of people want to know about how to recover gold from computer parts? The best part about the net is that everybody is free to express their views regardless of the fact whether you have good knowledge of the subject or not. And, this, in a way is very harmful also. Because you are claiming to know what you really don’t know well. And, when it comes to the use of chemicals, it becomes even more dangerous. A lot of people just start teaching others just to gain publicity on the net.

Well, when we seriously talk of how to recover gold from computer parts, we must first know what a computer is made of? A computer basically consists of a monitor and a computer tower. The monitor is a device on which we see video and graphics information generated by the computer. And the computer tower is the main part of the computer which consists of a mother motherboard, microprocessors, rams, power supply, hard disc and cd ROM drive etc. Also, there is one keyboard to give commands to the computer. Why did I mention all this is because I want to give a clear picture of the computer to those who are interested to know how to recover gold from computer parts?

All the computer parts such as power supply, keyboard, CPU fan, cables etc. don’t have gold. The parts that contain gold in the computer are rams, motherboard, microprocessor, hard drive, cd-ROM drive, gold plated connectors used on motherboards and drives. Most of the gold from computer parts is extracted from the chips mounted on the motherboard, rams and the logic cards of the hard drive, cd-ROM, and the microprocessor.

We can’t recover gold from all the computer parts with one gold extraction method. From gold plated connectors we can easily remove gold through cyanide process chemically or electrolytically. To remove gold through cyanide gold recovery process (chemically), you have to first prepare a hot cyanide bath and then put the gold plated items into it. Make sure that the bath is stirred well and a regular flow of oxygen is maintained into it. Oxygen helps removing gold from the gold plated stuff very fast. Removing gold using cyanide is quite an economical gold recovery process. But you should take care while using cyanide in the gold extraction. Better hire a consultant for this. And, after the gold recovery process is over, don’t forget to neutralize the cyanide bath, for which chemicals with proper guidance are available in the market.

As far as obtaining gold from chips is concerned that can best be done through pyrolysis and hydrometallurgy. The best method to remove gold from microprocessors is through aqua regia. If you face some difficulty in recovering gold from microprocessors through aqua regia or from some other item through any method, you may seek our help. It is available online also.