Gold Recovery Geeks/Enthusiasts/Hobbyists

These days you find gold recovery geeks/enthusiasts everywhere. What has caused this? Well, there are many factors behind it. And, the internet is one of the most important factors. Nobody would have believed before the invention of internet that one day such a huge network of networks would come into existence and change the world completely by turning it into a global village. Though Recycling of different types of waste is a very old business, yet the internet has made it a household word. After its birth, the internet took little time to grow into a multi-faceted, most knowledgeable and benevolent friend of mankind. The world welcomed it warmly and lots and lots of people started getting connected to it by the day. And, thus, it created unimaginably, huge awareness of different things among the people. It is the internet that has made it very easy and believable for us that we can recover precious metals not only from electronic waste, but from a lot of other items also.

When I uploaded my first video on YouTube, a lot of people wouldn’t just believe it. Every day, I would receive lots of mails and phone calls full of suspicion. The first words that I would read in my mail or hear on the phone were, “Sir, can we really recover gold from computer parts?” Is it possible? Do computers really have gold in them? And it would take me really long to convince the curious caller that what I have shown in my video is absolutely correct.

And, then started an era of e-waste recycling, and more and more recycling companies came into existence worldwide, publicizing their demand for e-waste. And this spread on the net like wildfire. Those who read about it became more and more curious about the process of gold recovery from computer parts’ scrap. Because who doesn’t want to be rich quickly and easily? Now here was a chance for people to fulfill their dreams of making fast money through electronic waste recycling.

Small time players and big time gold recovery geeks were born in every city the world over, and so were the gold extraction videos on the net. But at the same time these Gold enthusiasts/hobbyists have also created a great deal of awareness about e-waste recycling and that you can really make lots of money by recovering precious metal from electronic waste.

Some hobbyists even made some money by uploading their videos on YouTube. Because such videos attract a great number of visitors and the Google Adsense program pays them per click.

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