Gold from CPUs

From one kilogram of CPU of 386 & 486, we get 6 to 6.5 grams of gold. You want CPU, I want CPU, and just everyone wants them. CPUs have gold wires inside them. It is very easy to recover gold from the CPU. You can make it your part-time or full-time business also. When we think of collecting CPUs in bulk quantity, apparently it looks difficult, but it is not so. In India e-scrap business is a very organized trade. We have a great number of scrap dealers in every city, and, these scrap dealers have contacts in big companies from where they lift big quantities of e-scrap and each scrap dealer is associated with numerous mobile scrap collectors who go door to door or shop to shop to collect e-waste. And, this way these wholesale scrap dealers have great quantities of e-scrap. And, you may purchase just any kind of e-waste item from them.

If you want to recycle gold from CPUs and want to make it either your part-time or full-time business, I can assure you that it is a profitable business. You need a 50 square yard area of land or at least a 20 feet x 20 feet properly ventilated room.

The basic requirement of equipment for this business is some plastic tubs, one water storage tank, one small furnace, one blower, one exhaust fan, one big size heat- resistant glass bottle, two pairs of medium and full size gloves, one hammer, a pair of tongs, two or three different types of pliers, cutters, files and a gas stove, etc.
As for chemicals, you can use either aqua regia or cupellation process for it. The Aqua regia method is more preferable. Old CPUs have a golden cap on them but the latest CPUs don’t have a golden cap. You have to cut or break them into small pieces so that the chemicals can reach inside them to react with gold. To prepare aqua regia you have to take one part of nitric acid (HNO3) and three parts of hydrochloric acid (HCL) prepare the solution according to the requirement. Don’t prepare too much of it. Place the CPUs in the plastic tub and start putting aqua regia onto them gradually.

Aqua regia will start the reaction with metals of the CPUs and produce toxic fumes. So, don’t stand quite close to the tub. When the reaction slows down, see if the metals have dissolved fully into the solution. If the metal is left add more aqua regia to the solution, and keep pouring the acids slowly till the metals are completely digested. This reaction turns gold into gold chloride. Now we need to separate the remains of the CPUs from the solution, wash them with plain water two to three times to remove gold chloride from them. Mix this water with the solution, and, filter this solution through a filter paper.

Removing gold from the solution is a very important step and needs to be done very patiently and carefully to get 100 percent gold recovery. For this, you may contact us either by phone or through the mail.