Earn Rs. 50000 per Month

Yes, you can earn Rs. 50,000 per month from Silver and gold plated scrap with very low investment. This is the scrap that most of us throw in our garbage. Rag pickers pick it up and sell it to the scrap dealers. I will give one example here, and that is gold plated jewelry. We call it artificial gold jewelry also. You won’t believe that it is available in tonnes in big cities every month. And many people make their living by removing gold from it.

I will explain why so much gold plated jewelry scrap is collected on such a huge scale every month in all the cities of India, and the world over. The reason is very simple. We are now living in a fast changing fashion world. Everyone, especially women makes a point of wearing different dresses at different parties or events. And each time they make sure that their jewelry should match with their outfits. Women hardly wear it two to three times only. And, so, this gold plated jewelry not being expensive, soon becomes unimportant, and is thrown into the dustbins, and from there it makes its way to the rag pickers. There are so many other gold and silver plated items that we use in our day to day life. We either throw them away in the garbage or sell them to the door to door, scrap buyer with other household wastes.

And these street scrap buyers know the worth of each and every item that they purchase from households. They store the material in their warehouses, segregate each material and sell it to the right buyers. And, this way they make a lot of money.

Though I can mention here almost all the silver and gold plated items and suggest you ways how to recover gold and silver from them in a very little time and make lots of money, yet I don’t want to make my article lengthy and time consuming for you. But I can assure you that gold and silver recovery from lots of household scrap is a very big industry in itself. And the main attraction of this business is that it can be started with very low investment from Rs.50, 000 to one lakh (USD750 to 1500)
Another attraction of this business is that it is a metal business. And all the metals sell for cash. And you can process all your material within few hours only. And you can get back your original amount of money and the profit made on it the very same day. The profit margin is about 25%.

If you decide to ever start this small investment, profitable business. You can seek our help for it since our thirty years matchless experience can take you very far in this business.

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