How to Earn Money fast and easy

For quite some time, people have been suggesting numerous ways of making fast and easy money on the internet while living in the comforts of your home. And, this has been going on even before the internet existed. The money making gurus have mastered this skill so well that they easily convince you into buying their techniques for becoming rich soon. They start by claiming to be your best well- wishers and unique examples of humanity. But ultimately the whole episode leads to their selling books or CDS etc. to you. Whether you make the money through their suggestions or not, but they certainly do.

But I would be very straight forward here, right in the beginning without creating any background for it. I am telling you this because I also want to make money when you do. If you understand completely and then start what I am going to tell you in a very short time, I can assure you that you can undoubtedly make fast and easy money beyond your imagination. You see, every day, the e-scrap generates like anything in every part of the world now. And most people have become conscious enough to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, you can make fast and easy money through e-waste business.

Here is how: you can start it by making a free website or a blog to collect e-waste from people from your city. There is a very good way to collect e-waste free of cost. But you must be honest. You must first decide that a particular share of your income will go to charity. And you should say the same thing to people on your website that by giving their e-waste to you free of cost, they will be able to help the needy people of the society.

You can either do it alone or form a group of like-minded people on profit sharing basis belonging to different parts of the city. Make a proper strategy, so that all the group members can collect e-waste from their neighborhoods as well as from certain other areas conveniently. You will soon start receiving calls from people interested to donate their electronic waste. The strange thing about e-waste is that until some time ago, people identified it with computers only. But now people have a better understanding of it. They know that scrap of any electronic device is e-waste. Be it computers, cell phones, TVs and calculators etc.

Once you start receiving e-waste, you can change a room in your house into a dismantling unit. Dismantling e-waste is not a big deal. There are many videos available on YouTube about how to dismantle a computer or TV, etc., so you can watch some videos for that. And the tools required in dismantling are quite affordable too.
There are many recycling plants that always want to buy e-waste. And, you can easily sell your e-scrap to them. But, Beware! Recycling companies don’t pay you much for the scrap. The fact is that their profit margins are quite big. This is the secret only few people know. So, to make the maximum profit out of it, what you have to do is that you don’t sell them everything. There are items from which you can easily recover gold, silver and palladium yourself.

Those items are golden fingers, gold plated connectors and gold plated printed circuit boards, processors and chips, etc. We can also help you to recover precious metals from computer parts or from any other kind of e-waste.

It is very easy to dismantle hard drives and power supplies. From hard drives, you get gold plated connectors, logic cards that have gold bearing chips on them. You also get Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCS) from logic cards. These MLCCS are a good source of Palladium and Silver etc. From hard drives you also get aluminum, magnets, bearings, motors and platinum coated platters. Platters are not worth trying. Because the recovery cost of the platinum is more than the amount of Platinum that you get from platters. So, you can sell such items to the recycling companies.

The positive side of this business is that it is a metal business, and all the metals sell for cash. And there is no dead stock tension in this business. So, this is the business through which you can make money easily and quickly.

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